Pressing Matters Tincture Press

$ 199.00

The Pressing Matters Tincture Press is perfect for the home herbalist who wants to get the most out of their plants and herbs for tinctures. Simplicity is the key, since this Tincture Press functions without hydraulics and has no wood parts that can break. The all-steel construction maximizes yield, leaving a very dry marc (remaining plant material after pressing).

With its ingeniously simple design, it is very low maintenance, easy to clean, lightweight and compact, making it extremely portable and ideal for use at home, school, in the field or at your business.

The Pressing Matters Tincture Press can help you get the most from your infused oils — and can even be used for juicing.

(Bowl not included.)


The Pressing Matters Tincture Press is of simple design, consisting of a heavy duty 8″ C clamp, food grade stainless steel piston and 1 liter (1.25 quart) food grade stainless steel pot with reinforced bottom.

(Bowl not included)

Manufactured in the USA by Myronaturals of Ashland, Oregon.

Myronaturals provides a 10-year limited warranty for the piston and pot against defects and breakage.


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