Papa Dan’s Beard Care Oil

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For the proper care and feeding of your beard and skin

We have formulated our Beard Care Oil with the finest organic ingredients to soften and add body to facial hair, nourish hair follicles, and hydrate and re-balance the skin to prevent itching & beardruff. A healthy beard is a happy face!

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Papa Dan’s Beard Care Oil has been formulated from these fine organic ingredients to maintain healthy beard hair, encourage healthy hair follicles and moisturize dry skin:

  • Coconut Oil with its abundance of Vitamin E and proteins that contribute to cellular health and tissue repair, nourishing and replenishing damaged skin
  • Argon Oil is rich in anti-oxidants to protect and nourish hair and skin, and helps to prevent split ends.
  • Passiflora Seed Oil is a moisturizer high in anti-oxidants that reduces itching
  • Jojoba Oil coats and seals hair to prevent split ends.
  • Vitamin E is and essential vitamin for skin and hair health.
  • Cedarwood Essential Oil has anti-bacterial properties, tightens the pores of the skin and strengthens and stimulates the hair follicles.

Put 2-4 sprays of Papa Dan’s Beard Care Oil onto hands and gently work into slightly damp beard & skin. For longer beard, use comb or brush to coat each hair.

1 oz.


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